Travel Spotlight: Croatia

By Aziza Kendrick

Nestled between the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and such bordering countries as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, and Serbia, Croatia boasts a unique culture and utterly beautiful landscapes. With more than 1,778 kilometers of coastline and 1,185 islands, the Eastern European jewel includes rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Croatia’s largest island, Hvar, features a tranquil countryside where pine trees, rosemary, and sage grow wild amid the cultivated grapes, olive trees, and lavender fields. Also home to several national parks, the country showcases its inland lakes and mountainous coastline in its protected areas.

While taking in Croatia’s natural beauty, tourists should not miss Dubrovnik, the so-called “pearl of the Adriatic.” An ancient walled city on Croatia’s southernmost tip, Dubrovnik features marble streets, red-tiled roofs, and a distinctive old world charm. A common sailing destination, the area offers tourists such high-adrenaline activities as rock climbing, scuba diving, and sea kayaking.

About the author: An avid traveler, Aziza Kendrick hopes to make the journey to Croatia over the next several years. Currently a legal assistant at Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas, LLP, Aziza Kendrick plans to graduate from the University of St. Thomas with a BBA/MBA in December 2012.

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